Pressure Washing

canstockphoto10961998Especially in Florida, summer humidity makes mildew a persistent pest.  Mildew may cause allergies, odors, and of course, is not at all appealing.  Algae responds similarly to mildew, growing in a humid climate, especially along structures that get a lot of shade throughout the year.

The best way to remove mildew is to have your home professionally cleaned.

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Is your house starting to look like you’re decorating for Halloween?  Spiderwebs along corners and crevices are a common sight.  Not only do these give visitors the creepy-crawlies, but makes the home feel dirty!  We’ll handle the spiders and their webs so you can relax.

walkwaydirtyHow does your driveway look these days?  Especially if you’re in an HOA neighborhood, maintaining the appearance of your driveway can be tedious and time consuming.  Leaky vehicles, rust stains, and chemical spills are a just a few examples of the many types of damage our driveways experience throughout the seasons.

Similarly, a sidewalk may grow weeds between cracks and take on a dirty appearance with green or black patches.  Sometimes mildew spreads so slowly you won’t notice the sidewalk is dirty until it is cleaned!

Leave it to Chrysler Carpet Cleaning to get the job done efficiently.

Signs it Might be Time for an Appointment

  • Green or black patches growing along the exterior of your building.
  • Spider webs accumulating along corners, edges, crevices, and underside of the roof.
  • Stains, algae, or dirty appearance on driveway or decks.
  • Weeds growing between the cracks in pavement, dirty appearance, black or green patches.
  • Black streaks on your roof – which is actually damaging to your roof if left to spread and fester!


Do these images look familiar?

It might be time to book Pressure Washing Services from Chrysler Carpet Cleaning!

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